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One of Britain's most talented karters.
   British Super One
  2011 Minimax Champion
  2012 Jnr Rotax Champion
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       Junior Rotax

          Super One

   point standings after
             Round 7

   Ross Gunn 506 pts
  2nd Kyle Fowlie 495 pts
  3rd Raoul Hyman 489 pts
  4th Sam Marsh 460 pts
  5th Ben Hingeley 446 pts
  6th Danny Kierle 443 pts
  7th Harry Webb 439 pts
  8th Oliver Myers 439 pts
  9th Luke Hughes 434 pts
  10th Rob Holland 390 pts

Super One Junior Rotax British Championship News.

Gunn wins the Junior Rotax British Championship, back to back with the MiniMax British Championship in 2011.

Round 7 ~ Shenington Kart Club.

The final round of the British Super One Junior Rotax Championship took place at the Shenington Kart Club near Banbury, Oxfordshire on October 13th/14th. Gunn arrived at the circuit leading the Championship on total scores, but after drop scores, Gunn was lying 2nd behind Kyle Fowlie by 13 points.



Headlines and other news

In 2013, having moved to racing single seaters, Ross Gunn decided to have a final drive in his Junior Rotax kart, supported by his old team Tooley Motorsport. This is the same kart that Gunn won the British Junior Rotax Championship in 2012. This was back to back with winning the British MiniMax Championship in 2011.
The event was to be the Kartmasters Grand Prix at the PFi track near Grantham. Gunn won the Kartmasters GP in a MiniMax kart in 2011, when he was forced off the track at the start of the final and then recovered from 16th position! At the 2013 event, unfortunately for Gunn, he seemed to be the focus of some unusual 'administration and decision making'. The race at the centre of this is shown on YouTube.

I will let the viewer make their own decision, whether the end result was fair or unfair.

After such a brilliant career in karting, having won several Club Championships, set lap records, won two British Championships {back to back ~ never been done before} and representing GB at the World Karting Finals…………. to end on this note, is disappointing to say the least, especially as no clear reason has been given by the MSA.

If nothing else it was nice to see this talented driver {this has been shown quite clearly in the 2013 Formula Four Championship ~ see his website relating to car racing} carrying the No. 1 plate of a British Champion.


Gunn tests a Formula Four single seater at Brands Hatch with Motionsport………..

On April 5th, it was announced on the new for 2013 BRDC Formula Four website, that Gunn would be driving for the Banbury based Motionsport team. Gunn said that after some careful consideration, he decided that Formula Four would provide the best competitive base for him to progress in his single seater career. Motionsport's team principal Simon Philips, was pleased to welcome the double British Karting Champion into the team, alongside 24 year old Simon Rudd.

To see information relating to Motionsport go to
Also information on the teams in the BRDC Formula Four Championship can be found at

At the time of writing, 24 drivers have signed up for the Championship, which will be run over eight race meetings. At each meeting, the Formula Fours will have three races, making a total of 24 races for the Championship. The first of these race meetings will be at Silverstone on the Grand Prix circuit on April 27/28th. This will be televised on ITV 4.

The two team cars were collected from the Bedford Autodrome, Thurleigh ~ base of Jonathan Palmer's corporate driving experience and final assembly centre of the Formula Four race cars, on April 4th. Motionsport were probably one of the last teams to collect their cars.
Gunn was invited to attend the initial testing at Brands Hatch in Kent on April 19th, this being the most suitable time to fit in with Gunn's important GCSE exams. Gunn had not driven on the circuit before, so what with having never sat in the car and having to watch out for the other single seaters ~ Formula Three, Formula Renault , Formula Ford and three other Formula Fours………. this was not going to be 'easy'.

         Checking controls with the Team Principle                        First time in the seat.

                 Getting ready for the first test.                         The Formula Four 2 litre engine.

Testing would be split between open wheeled cars and closed wheeled cars, each category having 4 sessions on the Brands Hatch Indy circuit. Gunn took it nice and 'gently' bearing in mind he now had nearly 200 bhp at his 'disposal' compared to his normal 20 bhp in a kart! Things didn't quite go to plan, as half way through the first session, Gunn came to a gentle halt at Graham Hill bend. {See images below} Gunn was towed back to the pit garage. The problem was diagnosed as relating to the throttle pedal stop. The pedal could be pushed past the stop and the electronic control unit was shutting down the engine as a result.


This was 'overcome', with an improvement for the future in mind and Gunn began to 'get some laps in' during the later sessions. During the lunch break, Gunn received some personal 'coaching' by means of a track walk by a master of Brands Hatch and Mini Champion Bill Sollis. In the afternoon this advice was put to good use and very respectable times were obtained. Gunn said at the end of the day …………. "The car was very pleasing to drive and had tremendous downforce. I look forward to the races in 2013, especially with Motionsport".

                  Good advice from Bill at Druids                 Gunn and Rudd check data during a break

Currently Gunn has secured enough money to compete in the first three rounds of the BRDC Formula Four Championship, thanks to family and a family friend. Most team cars have sponsorship on the cars……… even with two British Championships to his name, sponsorship has been sadly lacking!

Gunn interviewed on BBC Three Counties radio……………

On April 10th, just over six months since the last BBC radio interview, Gunn was interviewed on BBC Three Counties radio {see link below} indicating that he was about to enter the world of single seaters. Roberto Perrone, presenter of the Drive program {15:00-19:00 hr.} interviewed Gunn and asked about the forthcoming Formula Four Championship which starts on April 27/28th at Silverstone. BBC Three Counties covers the Counties of Beds, Herts and Bucks........Bucks being Gunn's home County.

We would like to thank BBC Three Counties for the interview and also for allowing us to use the interview recording for others to listen to ................ Three Counties asked Gunn to keep them informed about his Formula Four racing during the year…………
{see link below}


Arden Media Day ................

On April 4th Gunn attended the final GP3 test day {before the season commences} on the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit. Alongside this, Arden International Motorsport, which competes in GP3 and GP2, {Arden is owned by Gary Horner, Father of Red Bull Formula 1 principal Christian Horner}, also hosted the Arden Young Racing Drivers Academy {YRDA} media day.

Both Gary and Jamie Horner were in attendance, along with several members from the media. Steve Hutchinson, Director of The Business of Sport at Arden, introduced each of the Academy members to the press. Gunn is one of these YRDA members.

The majority of the action took place around the Wing…….. the new Grand Prix pit complex. Gunn was very pleased to be part of the academy and spoke to the GP3 drivers and inspected several of the cars in the pit garage. Gunn mentioned this visit on a local BBC radio interview ~ see above.


               Some of the Trophies at Arden                                  Talking to Steve Hutchinson
                    International Motorsport.

        Gunn pleased to be on the Arden Academy      The Arden Young Racing Drivers Academy


Gunn tests the new Formula Ford Ecoboost 200 at Silverstone with JTR………..

Following the Formula Ford 200 familiarity day at Silverstone in December 2012 {see report below}, Gunn tested Ford's development Formula Ford 200 on Wednesday 20th and Friday 22nd February at Silverstone. The first test day was conducted on the 3.6 mile Grand Prix circuit, along with other 'open wheeled' Formulae. These were Formula Renault, the 'old Duratec' Formula Ford cars and the new {for 2013} Formula Ford 200 cars. Gunn had only been in the seat of a Formula Ford for no more than 45 minutes before this intensive day's testing. The car was being managed by JTR, last year's Formula Ford Championship winning team. Gunn was being monitored by an onboard camera and data logging equipment and very soon was on the pace of more experienced drivers. Gunn felt that the day had ….."gone very well, bearing in mind my very limited time in a single seater. The experience was tremendous, from an acceleration, braking and down-force {cornering ability} point of view. The only 'negative point' was the day was extremely cold."

     Checking seat & pedals before testing begins                Ready for the first test session

                 The new Ecoboost 200 engine                               The Formula Ford 'office'

                 Waiting for the second session                     Gunn checks his times with the JTR team

Testing on Friday was on the shorter 1.6 mile National circuit. Yet again Gunn was driving Ford's Formula Ford 200 development car run by JTR. This was another dry day, but still very cold, especially for family and friends who had come along to watch. As on Wednesday, the day went without a hitch, with times being very consistent and very competitive. JTR were very pleased with Gunn's performance and his ability to learn. All in all, a tremendous indication of Gunn's driving ability.

It is hoped that financial sponsorship will soon become available, as without this, a young talent will not be competing in the 2013 Formula Ford Championship!

             Gunn during the second test session                          A smile for Gunn's friends

       Gunn about to enter the Brooklands corner                        I think it went well!!!

Gunn receives his British Championship trophy at Autosport International.....


One of the highlights of the motorsport year took place at the Birmingham National Exhibition Centre over the weekend of 12th January, namely Autosport International. Gunn was presented his British Junior Rotax Championship Trophy on the Super One stage by Emmerdale star Kelvin Fletcher. Kelvin not only plays the role of Andy Sugden in the long running series, but is a big fan of motorsport and a competitor in the Mighty Mini Challenge. Alongside Andy on the stage was Nicky Grist, winner of numerous World Rally events and more recently the co-driver of the late Colin McRae.

        The British trophies awaiting presentation   Nicky Grist {in white} about to take the stage

        British Junior Rotax Trophy presentation          Gunn takes top position on the podium

In the evening, the British Super One awards took place in the Hilton Hotel Coventry. The top three drivers from all of the various karting formulae were awarded with the appropriate trophies. This took place in front of an audience of around three-hundred. Before Gunn took the stage, it was explained to the audience that Gunn was the first driver to win two British Championships in 'back to back' rooky years. When asked what his plans were for 2013, Gunn said that he hoped to move into Formula Ford if sponsorship was forthcoming.


Gunn is mentioned in Motorsport News………

On January 3nd, Gunn was mentioned on three occasions in the weekly 'bible' of Motorsport, namely Motorsport News.


Gunn received a good coverage of his first drive in the new Formula Ford Ecoboost 200 and was described as ………" currently one of the hottest properties in karting, having become the first driver to win both the MiniMax and Junior Max Super One titles in consecutive years."


The final round of the Junior Max Super One British Championship at Shenington was also given considerable coverage. This was aimed primarily at the 'first' in Karting, when Gunn won the Super One MiniMax {2011} and Junior Max Championships {2012} in consecutive years.


Finally, as in previous years, Motorsport News produced a list if the top ten karters in Great Britain. Gunn was placed 7th in the Country, the highest placed Junior Max driver! Under the headline….Brits shine on the World stage, Ross Gunn was mentioned as …..becoming the first successive winner of the MiniMax and Junior Max titles.


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