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   Autosport International

The big event for Motorsport fans took place at the Birmingham National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham on January 14th 2011. I was presented with my trophy for finishing 9th in the British Cadet Championship by John Surtees. John Surtees is the only person to win World Championships on four wheels and two wheels. John won the 500cc Motorcycle World Championship in 1956 and the Formula 1 Championship in 1964. It was a great honour to be presented by such a motorsport legend. I also was presented with my 5th place award for the National Super One Cadet Championship by ex Formula 1 driver and BBC commentator, Martin Brundle.
There was a surprise during the awards presentation; I was presented with a Best Drive of the Day award for my drive at the last round at Ellough Park. This is a special prize organised by Bernie Ecclestone and will hopefully be a trip to one of the Formula 1 rounds to meet the drivers and teams.

Top 11 drivers in the British Championship

 The Super One Cadet award winners

Best Drive of the Day winners with John Surtees

The British Cadet Championship Trophies

Presentation by Martin Brundle

   Motorsport News picks 50 future Stars.

On January 5th 2011, Motorsport News {The Voice of British Motorsport} published their list of 50 future stars or 'Who to watch in 2011'. The list covered all disciplines of Motorsport, namely circuit racing, rallying, grass track racing, drag racing and of course karting. Out of the 50 names listed, 5 were karters and I was pleased to be one of the names! This is a great achievement for a 'Dad and Son' team.

   New Easykart lap record at Whilton Mill.

On July 18th 2010, I was invited by Kart Tek to be a guest driver in the Easykart cadet class. As Kart Tek is a satellite Easykart team, they can invite a guest driver to race {only on one occasion} in this new formula {see part of the preview below on the Easykart website}. The karts are similar to Comer Cadets in appearance and have similar performance. The chassis is a Birel L 28-X and the 60cc two stroke engine is made by Parilla. The event took place at Whilton Mill, near Daventry. I won my first heat with fastest time, then won the pre-final and also won the Final, in the process I set a new lap record for the circuit {see table below}.

Easykart preview {part of} ...............The championship welcomes Ross Gunn who, despite making his Easykart debut this Sunday, is an experienced and accomplished Cadet driver with a string of titles under his belt and could well be the big surprise of the meeting.

Fastest Lap
On Lap
Av. Speed
Ross Gunn
Zack Nickson

Lap Record
On Date
. EKC . Ross Gunn
EKC (N) . Zack Nickson

Ready for the 'off' in Kart Tek's Easykart No. 25

Winning the A Final and setting a new lap record.

   Pipped on the line at Kimbolton!

On May 9th we raced at the Hunts Kart Racing Club at the old WWII airfield of Kimbolton in Cambridgeshire. {see picture below}. On Saturday 8th I started 6th on the grid and finished in 1st place. I had the 3rd fastest time. In the second heat, I started 11th and finished 6th with the 4th fastest lap. On Sunday I started 13th on the grid and finished 1st. Maybe 13 isn't an unlucky number after all! In the final, I started on pole but finished 3rd with the fastest lap. The top three were covered by a time of 1/10 s! A close race to say the least.

In the lead during the Final

Finish Line at Kimbolton
 A win in Wales!

Before the British Championship meeting at Glan-y-Gors on July 3rd and 4th, we decided to attend Round 3 of their Club meeting on April 18th. I qualified 4th fastest with a time of 49.65 s; this was 6/100 s off the fastest lap set by Cameron Roberts. In heat 1 I started 5th and finished 2nd, obtaining the fastest lap of 49.55 s. In heat 2 I started 2nd and finished 1st having the second fastest lap, only 0.01 s off the fastest lap set by Luke Barker. In the Final I started on pole position and finished 1st. I lost the lead on lap 1 to Jonathon Jones, but took the lead back on the last lap.......... I also obtained the fastest lap of 50.08 s; 4/100 s quicker than the next fastest driver.

  Two many thirds!

Before the Super One National Championship and the British Championship begins, I have been 'keeping my hand in' at two meetings ~ namely Shenington Kart Track on 21st February and Whilton Mill Kart Track on 28th February. At Shenington, another carburation problem in my first heat meant that I started the A final in 7th position, even though I won my second heat. I finished 3rd with the second fastest lap. At Whilton Mill, I also finished 3rd in the A Final, mainly due to the wrong choice of tyres. I was using slicks when on reflection, 'scrubbed' wets would have been a better choice. As the title says. TWO many THIRDS!

  It's still a mystery!

On February 7th I competed at the PFi circuit near Grantham. This was their 2nd Winter meeting, but I wanted to attend, as I knew that most of the Formula Kart Stars Drivers would be at this meeting. It would give me a good opportunity to see how competitive I was before the British Championships starts in April.
On the Saturday I was pleased to be the fastest driver there, so I had good hopes for the Sunday meeting. Sunday was overcast all day, but luckily there was no rain!
In my first heat, {Heat 2} I was drawn 4th on the grid and managed to finish 1st. I took the lead during the 3rd lap. My time was competitive at 1m 05.14 s only 0.15 s off the fastest lap. After this heat, the top finishers were weighed and my weight was indicated as 99.8 kg. The minimum weight is 99 kg, in other words I was 0.8 kg over the minimum limit.
In Heat 3, I was drawn 29th on the grid out of 34 karts. On the opening lap I had climbed up to 17th position and then slowly started to take other competitors during the race. I came 5th, but could have come 4th if I hadn't been forced onto the grass along the finishing straight. I crossed the line on the grass, the flag marshal had to jump out of my way!!! I was not happy at the way the other driver had driven! I had the FASTEST LAP at 65.38 s. Yet again I was weighed with no problems!!!!
In the final I was on pole; on the opening lap I lost 3 places by leaving too much of a gap on the opening bend but I managed to get back into the lead on lap 6. I eventually crossed the line in 4th position after a coming together with other karts on lap 7. I was disappointed as I was hoping to win the final. A bigger disappointed was to come; when we were weighed I was 0.5 kg underweight. As a result, I was excluded from the results ~ this is the first time this has happened to our team. To change weight by 1.3 kg {2.86 lb} from the heats to the final is still a mystery. Another lesson to be learnt, weigh the kart before the final!

  Nuts, whole Hazel Nuts!!!

My first meeting of 2010 was at the Whilton Mill Kart Club, Whilton Locks, Daventry, Northants. This was their first Club meeting of the 2010 calendar. The weather was cold, but amazingly it stayed dry except for a small snow flurry just before Heat 2. In Heat 1 I was drawn 22nd and made a good start and by the end of lap 1 was lying 11th. I managed to finish 5th with the Fastest lap, my time was 0.99s faster than the second fastest competitor. In Heat 2 I was drawn 12th, but when the assembly area was released onto the track, my engine wouldn't start! Eventually it did start but I wasn't allowed onto the track even though the formation lap was in process! We made our feelings felt to the Clerk of the Course! In Heat 3 I was drawn 9th and won, yet again with the Fastest lap. As I had not competed in Heat 2, I was 10th for the final. During the 12 min. plus 1 lap race, I got into the lead and was pulling comfortably away from the chasing pack. Just as I went through the line for my last lap, my steering felt wrong and I had to pull onto the grass. It appears that a nut had split on the right hand steering pin!!! I yet again had the Fastest Lap. Although very disappointed, I came away from the meeting very pleased with my driving. Off to PFi next weekend……..let's hope for no more nut problems!!!

 Jenson Button presents awards......

The Super One Championship awards were presented at the very popular Autosport show at Birmingham on January 16th 2010. The Championship has been a 'tough battle' and I have realised that nothing can be left to chance and I have to take every opportunity in the race. The competition is very strong at this level of karting and I now feel better prepared for the 2010 Championship. I was very pleased to be presented with my trophy and a signed number board by the current Formula 1 World Champion, Jenson Button. My thanks go the Car Medic, Kart Tek and of course my Dad.

 Four fastest laps in a row......

The Midland Championships took place at the Rissington Kart Club in the heart of the Cotswolds on 5/6th September. I was the Midland Champion in 2007 {see picture below} and we thought we would 'give it a try' again in 2009. During the meeting, I used the BRM kart {see pictures below} in which I obtained the lap record at Whilton Mill. On Saturday, I raced in two heats ~ in my first heat I started 13th on the grid. On the opening lap, whilst trying to gain several places, I ended up on the grass. I rejoined in 20th position! I recovered to finish 4th. In my second heat on Saturday, I started 17th and was nearly involved in a very nasty accident on the opening lap. The race was red flagged and delayed by half an hour, before it could be restarted. I finished in a disappointing 14th position.

On Sunday I started my 3rd heat in pole position and maintained the lead to win by 3.15 s. I started the A final in 4th position and by the end of the first lap I was in 2nd position. On lap 4 I took the lead and held it until lap 6. I was overtaken by the eventual winner Tom Harvey and James Dehavillande and in an attempt to regain 2nd position, I went wide allowing Jordon Gilbertson to take 2nd place. I finished in 3rd. I was disappointed not to win, especially as I had lead the race for a couple of laps. I was pleased to obtain the fastest lap in the A final ~ this is the 4th race meeting in a row that I have obtained the fastest lap in the A final.

Yet again, thanks to Dad, Kart Tek and Car Medic.

Another Lap record.........

As the final double header of the British Championship {October 3rd and 4th} will be at the Whilton Mill Kart Club in Northamptonshire, we decided to enter Round 9 of the Whilton Mill Championship to gain more experience. During testing on Saturday on a new loaned BRM kart, I managed to obtain a time which was 0.4 s faster than the old lap record, {Note only times obtained in races count towards lap records}. We decided to race on Sunday with the BRM kart. I was to race on Sunday in three heats before the final. The weather was fine all day.

In heat 1 I came 2nd from 8th on the grid. In heat 2 I came 3rd, having started from 15th position, obtaining the fastest lap but also obtaining a new LAP RECORD with a time of 52.44 s. In heat 3, I came 9th from 20th position, yet again I had the fastest lap and again broke the lap record with a time of 52.37 s. In the final I took the lead on lap 5 going into The Boot to take 1st position across the line. I was very pleased to do this in front of my Great Grandmother and my Granny!

The new lap record is 0.35 s faster than the previous record, which was held by the 2007 British Cadet Champion, Brett Wykes. I now hold two lap records in the Country............ thanks yet again to Dad, Kart Tek, Car Medic and BRM for the loan of the Kart. The lap record is shown at........

Nearly made it ........

On Sunday August 2nd I attended a Club meeting at the Little Rissington Kart Club circuit in the Cotswolds. There were three heats in all…… in the first heat I started in 5th position and finished 1st, 4.79 s ahead of the second placed driver. In my second heat, I started in 11th position and took the lead on the last lap. Unfortunately I left a small gap on the last but one bend {The Elbow} to allow another competitor through to win. I crossed the line 7/100s behind the winner. In my final heat, I started 13th and finished 2nd, again with the fastest lap. This was in spite of a collision at the Dog Leg where I had to take avoiding action onto the grass. In the Final, I started on pole and lead for some of the race…….. at mid-race position, I lost the lead to James Dehavillande and eventually crossed the line in second place, 13/100s behind, but with the fastest lap!! All in all, a good meeting.

Brazilian Cup …….

The Brazilian Cup Championship Race Meeting was held at Whilton Mill Kart Club in Northants on Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st May 2009. There were 19 entrants, many of these being Formula Stars and Super One drivers. The weather for the weekend was dry and warm. On Saturday morning there were two 7 minute test sessions, followed by a timed qualification, also over 7 minutes. This timed qualification decided which drivers were going into the Top 10 shoot out. I qualified 3rd fastest, as a result, I went through to the top 10 shoot out. Each driver drove an out-lap, then a timed lap, followed by an in-lap. I qualified 4th; so I started Heat 1 in 4th place and finished 1st. A highlight on Saturday was the demonstration of the Brazilian driver Ayrton Senna's Lotus Formula 1 on the kart track! The noise was 'awesome'. On Sunday, I started Heat 2 in 1st position, but after some 'bumping', I finished 3rd. In Heat 3, I finished 3rd from the starting position of 3rd. In the final, starting in 3rd position, I made a good start but came together with other drivers on the first corner. I dropped back to about 7th, but climbed back to hold 3rd position for several laps. I was overtaken on the last but one lap, to finish 4th. {See my gallery for more pictures}

Some of the Drivers at the Brazilian Cup.

The start of the Cadet Final.

  First 'Independent' home.......

On 15th March I raced at Shenington Kart Racing Club at the 3rd Round of the Winter series. The weather was fine and the track was dry. In my first heat, I finished 1st from 3rd position on the grid. In my second heat, I finished 7th from 18th position on the grid. I started 5th in the A final and took the lead on lap 3, keeping the lead until the lap 11. I was overtaken by Ricky Collard, one of the drivers in the Fusion Team. Ricky crossed the line 15/100 sec in front of me after the 13 lap race. I was slightly disappointed not to win but very pleased to obtain the fastest lap. As a result, I won the Winter series fastest lap trophy. We were very happy to be the first independent driver home, ahead of all but one team driver!!

At the end of the 1st lap, still lying 5th.

In the lead with Ricky Collard close behind.

  First Blade home.......

I attended the Trent Valley Kart Club meeting held at the PF International circuit {see image below} in Lincolnshire on March 1st. We decided to race the 'old' Zip Blade and was very happy with the result. There were 38 entrants and I came 5th in the A Final. At one stage I was nearly 4 secs behind the leader, but at the end of the 12 lap race, I was only 0.8 sec behind the winner. 5 karts covered by only 0.8 Sec !!! It was a very close race and I was pleased to be the first Blade home. The quality of the entrants was very strong, as most of the Stars competitors were racing. My next meeting will be at the Hunts Kart Club circuit near Kimbolton on March 8th.

  Unexpected Christmas 'present'.........

Just before Christmas, I was surprised and pleased to see that two local papers had articles about me. The first article ~ titled Get Karter, {this is a play on the 1971 Gangster film starring Michael Caine ~ Get Carter} appeared in the Bucks Freepress on December 12th.

The article in the Amersham and Little Chalfont Examiner is dated December 25th! This covered nearly half of the back page! I was very pleased to get so much coverage. Let's hope this will help in my search for sponsorship during 2009, when I compete in the British Championship and the Super One series. {see my calendar for dates}

Ross Gunn Amersham and Little Chalfont Examiner - 25 December 2008

   I become 2008 Shenington Cadet Champion........

On Sunday 16th November I became the 2008 Shenington Cadet Champion. The day was fairly cold with a light drizzle at times; I won Heat 1 starting from 6th position and obtained the fastest lap. I was nearly 4 secs in front of the second place driver across the line. In Heat 2, I came second, having started from 16th position. I finished only 4/100 sec behind the winner and obtained equal fastest lap with the winner. In the A final, I started 2nd on the grid and due to a mechanical problem with the spark plug not being tightened, I was down on power. Even so, I finished in 4th position, 1.2 seconds behind the leader giving me enough points to secure the Championship, with still one round of the Championship to take place on December 7th. I was delighted to be noticed by Christian Horner {Team Principal of Red Bull Formula 1} who kindly agreed to having his photograph taken with me after the final. This completed a wonderful day. I would like to thank Dad for all of his help during 2008, Ross Allen, Car Medic and all of those who have assisted in making me the 2008 SHENINGTON CADET CHAMPION.

Christian Horner congratulates me after becoming Shenington Champion

Dad and I celebrate with 'non-alcoholic' bubbly! Mum checks the results

The whole family celebrates my success!

  My second visit to Kimbolton........

I made my second visit to the Hunts Kart Racing Club at Kimbolton on 9th November ~ Remembrance Sunday. The meeting started with a 2 minute silence to remember those who have given their lives for this Country; at the circuit, there was a WWII tank taking part in the service. The heats were run in the dry ~ Heat 1: I started in 26th position and finished 12th, Heat 2: I started in 10th position and finished 20th {Carburettor problems} and Heat 3: my grid position was 6th and I finished 4th. Due to the poor second heat, I started the final in 17th position but climbed through the field to finished 6th. My best time was second fastest of the day, only 0.04 sec off the fastest lap! All in all, a good finish to the meeting. The next time I visit Kimbolton could be the first round of the British Championship in April 2009.
   Leading the Championship.......

October 19th was the date for the 10th Round of the Shenington Championship. The weather was dry but it was quite chilly. In heat I came 1st, in my second heat I came 6th, obtaining the fastest Cadet lap of the day. In my final heat I came 9th having started the heat in 22nd position. I started 7th in the final and took the lead on lap 5. I made a slight mistake on lap 8 by clipping the kerb, this allowed Alfonso Skriczka to overtake me. We 'diced' with each other all the way to the line, Alfonso beating me by 0.1 sec. This result has now put me into the lead of the Championship. There are two rounds to go ~ November 16th and December 7th.
   My first visit to Kimbolton........

On Sunday October 12th, I raced for the first time, at the Hunts Kart Racing Club based on the World War II airfield {379th American Bomb group} at Stow Longa, near Kimbolton, Huntingdonshire {see my links page}. This is a lovely circuit, looking like a 'miniature motor racing track {see pictures below}. It has recently been resurfaced, with an excellent assembly area and public address system. On Saturday I tested and was pleased with my times, getting within 0.07 sec of the lap record. On Sunday, I had some mixed results in the heats and lined up in 10th position for the final. I finished 4th, with which I was pleased, bearing in mind this was my first race at the circuit. The reason why we raced at Kimbolton is because the first race of the 2009 British Championship will be at Kimbolton.

View of Kimbolton Kart track

Kimbolton Track start / finish line

Map of Kimbolton WWII airfield
  Lying second in the Championship........

On 21 September I raced at Round 9 of the Shenington Championship. I was pleased with gaining 13 places in the final after starting 17th due to mechanical problems in heat 2. I was even more pleased to obtain another fastest lap of the day, although I didn't beat my lap record. At the moment I'm lying 2nd in the Championship after drop scores. I'm 4 points behind Travis Kirk who is leading the Championship. The next round of the Championship will be on the 19 October.

  Midland Champs disappointment, but another fastest lap.........

On September 7th we raced at Rissington Kart Club in the heart of the Cotswolds. The Little Rissington circuit offers superb high speed racing under MSA rules for all major karting classes, from Cadets to the awesome 250 Gearbox karts. The fast and flowing track, which was recently fully resurfaced, has been a drivers' favourite for over 40 years. The meeting that I attended was the Midland Champs which last year I won {see images in my gallery}. Not only was the weather bad but I had some bad luck. In the first heat I came 9th, in the second I came 6th but in the 3rd heat, whilst lying second, I was 'pushed' onto the grass. As a result, my drive chain was removed. In the final I came 5th obtaining the fastest lap. My congratulations to Brett Wykes {2007 British Champion} for becoming the Midland Champ.
Catching the Championship leader.......

On the 3rd weekend of August, it was the 8th round of the Shenington Club Championship. On the test day I was using my Zip Blade; I was the quickest on the day. I was confident on Sunday and won my first heat from 8th on the grid, also I obtained the fastest lap. Before my second heat, it started to rain. Unfortunately my wet tyres had little grip and I was disappointed to come 2nd from 10th position. I was the first Shenington Club member home. The final heat was dry and I started 23rd on the grid. After a fantastic opening lap, I was up to 8th position, I then started to 'pick' off competitors and finished 4th overall, 2nd Shenington Club member. I again obtained the fastest lap. I started 3rd in the final and by the end of the first lap, I was in the lead! Toby Sowery was 'hard on my heals' for the next 9 laps; he slipped past me on the Hangar straight with two laps to go. On the last lap in the last corner, I made a move on him and slid wide. It was a drag to the line and Toby just had the edge. I was a bit disappointed that I didn't win but was happy how fast my 'old' Blade had been. I can't wait until my next race at Midland Champs where I will be defending my title.

During the 3 laps practice, Shenington 17/08/08

Heat1, lap2 - in the lead - Shenington 17/08/08
    2nd in the final........

In readiness for the Stars of Tomorrow Meeting on June 28/29th, I raced at Llandow kart circuit in the Vale of Glamorgan {see my links page} on June 15th. This was my first visit to the circuit and I really liked it. I would rate the circuit as 3rd on my favourites list; 1st is Rowrah, 2nd is Pfi. Unusual for karting events, the first 'visit' to the track was a timed qualification; out of the 28 entrants {Comers, WTP's and Hondas} I qualified 2nd Comer Cadet with a time only 0.35 s behind the pole man. So I started the first heat as 2nd Comer and finished 2nd Comer. In the Pre-Final, again I finished 2nd Comer, approximately 3 secs behind the winner. In the 10 lap final, I made a 'poor' start, dropping from 2nd to 8th, but with 4 laps to go I had climbed back to 2nd position. I held this position to the line.
     A classy win..........

After missing round 4 of the Shenington Championship, because of Stars, I was back and ready for round 5. Saturday was dry in the morning, but wet in the afternoon ~ I was about the quickest during the day. Sunday proved to be bright blue skies with a little breeze, which would make the racing brilliant. In heat 2 {my first heat} I started 20th and drove through the pack to finish 7th overal (6th Championship contender}. In my second heat, I started 11th and finished a strong 3rd ,as well as obtaining the fastest lap. In my third heat, I obtained the fastest lap again, finishing 2nd. These results put me 4th for the final.
After a slow but steady start, I made a few adjustments to the carb which helped, as I started to 'pick people off'. With 2 laps remaining, I made it into the lead and won! I also got the fastest lap. I would like to thank Dad for working really hard on my kart and also to Ross Allen for straightening the kart on Saturday night. I'm now lying 2nd in the Shenington Championship.

      A mention in Motorsport News........

On February 27th 2008, I had a mention in the Karting Section of Motorsport News. This will hopefully bring me attention whilst competing in the 2008 British Cadet Championship, along with highlighting the recent sponsorship by Car Medic of Leighton Buzzard, Bedford. I would like to thank Andrew Hack of Car Medic and Dan McCalla of Motorsport News.

    Things are getting better........

On the weekend of February 16th, I raced at Shenington Kart Club in my new CARMEDIC 'liveried' kart. There was a large entry for the various formulae, the Cadets alone had 45 entrants with all but one of the main Stars of Tomorrow competitors entered. This gave me a good indication of how I will fare in the forthcoming Stars Championship. For this weekend, I was part of the Jade Karts Race Team, getting very useful instruction from Ross {another Ross!} Allen. Ross Allen has been Shenington Driver of the year for two years running, along with being the National Super 4 250 Champion three years running. I found the instruction very useful and I would like to thank Ross and Jade Karts for all of their help.
In heat 1 I started 12th on the grid and finished 7th overall with the fastest lap. In heat 3 I started 15th on the grid and finished 9th overall, with the third fastest time. In the A Final I started 11th on the grid, but on the opening lap, due to another spinning kart, I dropped back to 19th position! I climbed back through the field, on the remaining 10 laps, to finish 8th overall, 4th Shenington Championship contender. I obtained the third fastest lap, only 0.03 secs off the British Champion!!

Waiting for the start of the Cadet A Final.

At the end, Ross Allen checks my lap times.

  Carburettor problems, again.....

On the 20th January, I went to my first meeting of the year at Shenington. I was using my new Zip Storm. In heat 1, I started 11th and by turn 2, I was up to 4th position. All of a sudden, I started going further and further back to 8th position. The carb had developed a problem and was leaking inside. Heat 2 was better, as I started 7th and by the end of lap 1 I was up to 3rd position. I then fell back again, to finish in 6th position as the high jet was in a difficult position to adjust. In the final I started 7th and again the carb was causing problems. I was pushing Julian Davies (2007 Shenington Cadet Champion) along, until we met a back marker who caused problems for us both. I finished 7th overall, 5th in the Shenington Championship contenders. Note these new carburettors have been causing problems for other competitors -
see comments on the UK karting website

     Shenington KRC 'Most Promising Cadet driver' award 2007.........
On the evening of January 5th 2008, I went to the Shenington KRC Championship awards evening. This annual dinner dance and prize presentation took place at the Ettington Chase Conference centre near Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire. I was very pleased to be presented with the second place trophy in the 2007 Cadet Championship, but was delighted to be awarded the Most Promising Cadet Driver award for 2007. The presenter said this was mainly due to some good finishing positions, but also for obtaining several fastest laps. There are more pictures of the evening in my Racing History under 2008

     New Kart tested at Whilton Mill..........
On a very cold day at Whilton Mill (January 2nd) I tested my new kart which I will be using in the 2008 season.The kart is a Zip Storm and it also has the new TRYTON ZC001 (manufactured by Vamec) carburettor fitted to the Comer engine. The new carburettor has been designed especially for the Comer Cadet class and is manufactured to fine tolerances, making illegal modifications much easier to identify. Thus creating a level playing field for all competitors. This carburettor is required for the Stars of Tomorrow series, which starts at PF International on April 19th/20th. (Go to the BRDC Stars of Tomorrow link to see the full calendar.) After some initial setting up problems, I settled in well with some very respectable times in the low 55's. I was very pleased with these times, as it was very cold and the track was quite slippery for most of the day. The two images below show me with my new kart. More images are in my gallery.
  New Helmet for 2008..........
Next year, my old black helmet will be 'put into retirement', as I was very fortunate to receive a new racing helmet for Christmas. The helmet is an Arai SK5 and has been sprayed to my own design. It has turned out to be exactly as I wished, although I had no idea that I was getting a helmet for Christmas. I would like to thank Carl Hodgson of CHDesign for producing such a wonderful paint effect. Carl is the brother of Neil Hodgson, who was the World Superbike Champion in 2003. I have put a link to Carl's business onto my links page. Thanks to Mum, Dad, Granny, Grandad, Auntie Beck and Uncle Will {providing the special visor} for such a GRE
AT present! Let's hope the other competitors see only the back of the helmet in the 2008 Stars of Tomorrow series!
Engine problems let me down at Shenington.......
In the all important Final round of the Shenington Comer Cadet Championship, I had mechanical problems. In Heat 1 I went from 12th on the grid to finish 5th overall (4th Shenington Championship contender) in awful conditions. I was pleased that my fastest time was 0.38 sec off the fastest lap. In Heat 2, things didn't go so well. I lost 5 places to finish 9th overall (5th Shenington Championship Contender). I lost power after the initial lap and we thought this was due to carburettor problems. After a total strip down of the carburettor, I started the Final in 8th position but the engine problems were still present. I finished in 10th overall (7th Shenington Championship contender). A disappointing end to a good season. I must congratulate Julian Davies for winning the Comer Cadet Championship; I finished in second place, only 8 points behind.

   Sponsorship arrangements confirmed for 2008.......
Next year I will be participating in the British Racing Drivers Club, Stars of Tomorrow Series. This is recognised as being the premier Championship in the UK. The winner of this Championship becomes the British Comer Cadet Champion. In my bid to become the British Champion, I am pleased to announce that my main sponsor for 2008 will be Car Medic of Leighton Buzzard. (The link to Car Medic's website is on my links page). I would like to thank Andrew Hack, the MD of Car Medic for his generous support. I have also received co-sponsorship from Cooke's Couriers of Sharnbrook in Bedfordshire.
More information will be found in my sponsorship section in the next month (January 2008)

Fast at the final round at Whilton Mill.........
On November 25th I competed at the final round of the 2007 Championship. During the practice day on Saturday 24th, I tested a Zip Storm kart which was kindly loaned to me by Ross (another Ross) Allen of Jade Karts. Ross is three times National Kart Champion and has been giving me some advice during the later part of 2007. I was pleased with my results on Sunday, especially as I obtained fastest lap in Heat 1, Heat 2 and the Final. I finished 4th in the Championship. (see my results table)
 Bad weather but good result at Whilton Mill........
On October 28th, I raced at Whilton Mill Kart Track in Northants. This was the 9th round of their 10 round Championship. I came second in Heat 1, 5th in Heat 2 and was very pleased with Heat 3, as I went from 21 st on the grid, to 5th Whilton Mill Championship contender. This qualified me 5th on the final grid, just behind the 2007 British Cadet Champion and the Super 1 Champion. {See the image in my gallery.} I got a good start and entered the first corner in second place, {See image in my gallery.} The race positions were changing throughout the race, at one point I took the lead. I eventually lost second place going up the Christmas corner on the final lap; all three of us entered the corner side-by-side. {See image in my gallery.} I was pleased to finish 3rd overall, 2nd Whilton Mill Championship contender, only 0.37 sec behind the winner! I also obtained the 2nd fastest time. After this round I'm lying 3rd in the Championship.
 Fastest lap at Shenington..............
On 21st October, I raced in the 10th round of the Shenington Championship. This was to be a 'testing' meeting, as many of the Stars of Tomorrow competitors, including the 2007 British Champion, would be racing. Whilst leading in my first heat, I was 'helped' onto the grass when I was lapping a back marker. Similarly in my second heat, I was caught up in an incident with lapped back markers. This meant that I started the final in 17th position! I managed to climb through the field to finish 5thShenington competitor {11th overall}, only 1.5 secs behind the winner after 12 laps. It was most encouraging that I was gaining on the leaders throughout the race and that I obtained the fastest lap of 51.01 secs! This time was the fastest time for the Cadets during the whole meeting. I'm still leading the Championship on points, but with only two rounds to go, drop scores need to be considered.

Following my success at Rissington, there was an article {see right} about me on the Sports page of the Buckinghamshire Examiner {see my links page} on Sept 13th 2007







Whilton Mill Lap Record broken ..............

After a non-start in Heat 1 - the carburettor mixture screw had been screwed in, thus virtually cutting off the fuel supply - an unsolved mystery - Heat 2 was 'much better', when I went from 12th on the grid to finish 3rd Comer Cadet.
In Heat 3, I finished 1st Comer beating the Circuit Lap record by 0.24 sec, with a time of 53.45 seconds. During this Heat, another driver also broke the lap record with a time of 53.44, so I'm 1/100 second of the present lap record!
In the final I started 12th on the grid, mainly due to my 'non-start' in Heat 1, but I came through the field to finish 2nd Comer Cadet. I'm now lying 4th in the Whilton Mill Championship. Next weekend I will be racing at Rissington at the Midland Champs meeting.

Shenington August 19th - 1st pole position................

In a variety of conditions, dry then wet, in the first Heat I managed to 'go from' 14th on the grid to finish 3rd Comer, obtaining the Fastest lap at 52.82 secs. In the second Heat, I went from 4th on the grid to win the race and in Heat 3, I went from 4th on the grid to finish first Cadet (2nd overall). These results gave me my first pole position at Shenington!
I'm afraid in the Final, things didn't go so well, with problems at the hairpin after Pits bend on the opening lap. I dropped from 1st to 8th overall to finish the race 5th Shenington KRC Comer. Ah well.....better 'luck' next time. I'm still leading the Championship by 79 points, but the gap has closed between Julian Davies and myself by 2 points.

Leading the Championship.............

On the weekend of 16/17th June, I raced at the Shenington SuperPrix and Revival Meeting. Heat 1 took place on Saturday, where I came 3rd in the Shenington Championship contenders and obtained the fastest lap. On Sunday, I was 1st Comer home in Heat 2, obtaining another fastest lap. In Heat 3, I was 1st overall. In the final I came 3rd in the Shenington championship contenders. I am now leading the Championship.
During the same weekend, 'The Historic and Classic Kart Club' demonstrated various types of Karts dating back to the late fifties. Compared to my kart, they looked very unusual, but still fast and wonderful to watch. I have listed their Website on my links page. Also there are some images of the karts in my gallery.

  On the edge at Forest Edge...........

On Saturday and Sunday {2nd & 3rd June 2007} I raced at Forest Edge kart track, Barton Stacey near Andover. This was my second visit to the circuit; the first time was about a year ago. The weekend incorporated the Southern Champs. On Saturday I had two heats and a Final {see results on my results page} and on Sunday, each driver raced in two of the three heats and a Final. I was pleased to have two wins at the weekend and qualify in second place for the Sunday Final. During the final I took the lead on the second lap but on the last lap was 'helped onto the edge of the track' to finish 7th Comer. Congratulations to Ricky Collard on his victory. See my photo gallery for pictures of the event.

On my victory lap

I make a return to Camberley...............

On May 26th I made a return to the track where I became Cadet Champion in 2006, namely Camberley Kart Club / Blackbushe. It was good to see some 'old' competitors and friends. In heat 1 I started in 11th position and finished 3rd. In heat 2 I started 8th and finished 3rd and in Heat 3 I started on pole and finished 1st. In the final I started on pole and finished in 1st position about half a lap in front of the second placed driver. Hopefully there will be some pictures of me on the Camberley Kart Club website { see link on my Links page}. Tomorrow I will be at Whilton Mill Kart Club, where I'm currently lying 3rd in the Championship.

Nearly the fastest lap...............

At Shenington on 21 May 2007, I started the final in 9th position having been involved in 'third party' incidents in Heat 1 and Heat 2.
I was very pleased to climb through the field, finishing in 5th place overall, which was 3rd place in the Shenington Championship contenders. I was also pleased that my fastest lap was only 63/1000 sec. off the fastest time. I'm presently lying second in the Shenington Championship; next weekend I will be racing at Camberley Kart track and Whilton Mill Kart track.

 Shenington lap record equalled.............

At the 4th round of the Shenington Comer Cadet Championship on April 15th, I obtained fastest lap and equalled the lap record in Heat1. I started 18th on the grid and finished 9th overall (3rd Shenington Kart Racing Club Championship contender). In Heat two and Heat three, I obtained second fastest lap. I am now lying second in the Championship.

You can see the result sheet for the first heat by selecting the pdf link here

Gunn shoots to victory at Shenington

  Gunn shoots to victory at Shenington............

I had my first victory in the Shenington Championship on March 18th 2007. I was second Comer across the line after 13 laps in the final; first in the Shenington Championship contenders. I was only 2 seconds behind the winner across the line. I also received a trophy for coming second in the Shenington Winter Championship. Along with the trophies, I received a £40 voucher for clothing and a 'top-end' engine rebuild from Soixante Racing.

Whilton success……….

After a first corner incident in the Final {I qualified 2nd Comer}, which put me onto the wet grass and into last position…….. I came through the field to finish 4th Comer and receive my first Cup at Whilton. I was also pleased to have the Fastest time of the Day in the Heats and the Final.
Photo of receiving my first Cup at Whilton.
        Ross is karting king…………
Newspaper clip about Ross is karting king
          Gunn fires on all cylinders……..
news clip about Gunn fires on all cylinders……..
  I try a MiniMax kart for size…….
Maybe in 2009, I might switch to the Junior Rotax MiniMax class.
I recently was offered a test session in one of these karts at the Camberley Kart Track. The increase in power was quite an experience; about three times that of a Comer Cadet. I thoroughly enjoyed the test session.
A big 'Thank you' to Abigail Smith and her Dad for letting me try it out for size.
I try a MiniMax kart for size