British Super One Minimax Champion
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NEWS 2011

Gunn is one of the top six in the Country voted by Motorsport News……….

In January 2011, Motorsport News picked out 50 of the best young talents to keep an eye on during the coming season.
{To see more details, click on Season, Cadet, Latest news on www.rossgunnracing.co.uk}


All forms of disciplines were mentioned, such as circuit racers, rally drivers, stock car racers, karters etc. In the bumper Christmas issue of MSN, these 50 drivers were analysed to see how they fared in the season…………

Gunn was in the top six rated by MSN. Not only was he the youngest driver in the top six, but he was the only karter! A fantastic achievement for this talented driver.


Gunn starts his Junior Rotax 'career' on a high……..

Gunn attended Round 1 of the Trent Valley Kart Club's Winter series at the Paul Fletcher International circuit near Grantham on December 4th. Although plans for 2012 have still not been finalised, Gunn tried a Junior Rotax for the first and probably last time in 2011.

Saturday {December 3rd} was the first time Gunn had driven a Junior Rotax, in this case prepared by Tooley Motorsport. The main difference between a MiniMax and a Junior Rotax is primarily the state of engine 'tune'. By removing the exhaust restrictor, a Junior Rotax has about 5 bhp more power than a MiniMax. Although the chassis is the same, the minimum weight limit {kart plus driver} is 13 kg heavier than the MiniMax class, mainly to allow for older drivers. Gunn soon took to the extra power and was timed as being the fastest driver by the end of Saturday testing.

Sunday's meeting was again along the lines of 'drawing the starting position from the hat' for the two heats. Gunn was drawn 8th on the grid {36 starters} for the first heat…………… in dry conditions, Gunn made a good start to lie in 3rd position by the end of lap 2. This he maintained until the end of lap 5, but slipped down to finish the 10 lap race in 6th position. Gun felt that during the race there was an issue of reduced power as the race progressed. Even so, Gunn had the second fastest time, only 1/100 s off the fastest lap! Gunn started the second heat in 28th position and climbed through the field to finish in 9th position obtaining the fastest lap! His time was 0.33 s faster than the next competitor…………..

In the final, Gunn started in 5th place as a result of his two heat results. During the afternoon the sky was getting very dark with rain clouds threatening. Just prior to Gunn's race, the last race of the day, there was a slight shower which made the track very slippery. On top of this, the light was reducing to the point that it was difficult for the spectators to see the competitors on the track! Gunn gained a position during lap 1 and held the resulting 4th place for several laps. During lap 5 Gunn moved into 3rd position and then on lap 8 took 2nd position. Gunn finally crossed the line in 3rd position with the fastest lap. After the race Gunn said that he had felt a vibration from lap 6 onwards, which had made handling not as easy as he would have liked.

In summary, an excellent showing in Gunn's first Junior Rotax race………….. Gunn wishes to thank Tooley Motorsport for all of their help during this meeting.

NOTE: In the December issue of Karting magazine …….. Ross Gunn still tops the Drivers rankings for all Rotax classes!

                                                       Waiting for the first heat.                                                      A busy start for Heat 1.

                                                       Lying 3rd during Heat 1.                                         Finishing 6th in Heat 1.


Gunn ends his MiniMax season on a high.......

Gunn attended Round 6 of the Trent Valley Kart Club's Summer Championship at the fabulous PFi circuit near Grantham on October 30th. The circuit had undergone major improvements since Gunn raced at the circuit for Round 6 of the Super One National series. In summary, at the end of the start/finish straight, the track now sweeps left under a new flyover bridge, to then climb through a circular banked section to return over the bridge. The track then rejoins the old circuit down to the first hairpin. {See pictures of the new section of track below}. This was to be Gunn's last MiniMax race, before he decides on what route he will follow in 2012. Also this was to be his only chance to run with number 1 on his kart, as he will definitely be leaving Minimax at the end of this season.

The format of the meeting was along the lines of 'drawing the starting position from the hat' for the three heats. Time qualifying was not used at this TVKC Championship round. Gunn was drawn 21st on the grid {32 starters} for the first heat…………… in very slippery conditions following earlier rain, Gunn had got to 8th position by the end of lap 1!!! Driving masterfully, he won the race with a fastest lap of 76.84 s. As a point of interest, Gunn's time was 0.04 s faster than the fastest time of the Junior Rotax race, which was held on a drier track two races after the MiniMax race!

Gunn started the second heat at the back of the pack after a red flag had brought the grid to a halt. Gunn had pulled in prior to the red flag being shown to have a mechanical problem rectified and was then allowed back onto the track. He was not allowed to regain his grid position ~ no regulation confirming this official decision could be given! After the restart, Gunn then proceeded to 'carve' his way through the field to gain 5th position. In a slight misunderstanding with another kart, Gunn had to go straight on at the 1st hairpin {thus taking a shortcut} but then waited for those who were in front of him at the time, to regain their position! The normal accepted 'thing to do'! For some unknown reason, Gunn was given a one lap penalty, so instead of crossing the line in 5th position, he was qualified in 25th position. Yet another unusual decision by the Officials! Gunn still managed get the fastest lap at 64.02s. In the third and final heat, Gunn won by a comfortable 4.49 s.
Gunn lined up in 5th place for the Final and took the lead during lap four to win by a comfortable 5.58s with the fastest lap of 62.62 s. This was the fastest MiniMax time of the day. Gunn was pleased to end his MiniMax season on a high………… "It's been a fantastic season and I would like to thank everyone for making me 2011 British Champion! What I do in 2012 depends on what financial support I can obtain in the next few weeks!"

                                                       The new bridge at PFi leading to ....                          the circular banking and then......

                                                   back over the bridge to the first hairpin.       The start to Gunn's last MiniMax Final.

                                                                   Number 1......the Champ!                                  The last MiniMax scrutineering

                                                       Gunn wins his last MiniMax Final                  It's been a great season, thanks to all.

                                                                                                             Gunn's last MiniMax trophy.

Gunn gets 'two titles' in the November edition of Karting AND voted Top Driver!!...

Following Gunn's success at the British Kart Grand Prix {Kartmasters} and Round 6 of the National Super One Minimax series, both held at the Paul Fletcher International circuit near Grantham ...... Gunn was given prominent coverage in the November edition of Karting magazine.


British Kart Grand Prix Report:


Round 6 Super One Report:


Gunn voted Top Driver in November driver rankings:


Gunn receives coverage in newspapers........ is sponsorship around the corner?




Gunn gets another mention in MotorSport News .......

Gunn received a mention in the October 19th edition of Motorsport News. This also covered the sad death of 33 year old Dan Wheldon, who was tragically killed at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Gunn would like to send his condolences to the family of Dan Wheldon, who he had followed for several years. Dan, like so many successful racing drivers, had come up through the ranks of karting, having won the British Cadet Championship three times. The report of Super One Karting is shown below.....



Gunn interviewed on BBC Three Counties radio ........

On September 17th, Gunn was interviewed on BBC Three Counties radio {http://www.bbc.co.uk/threecounties/programmes} following his success at becoming the British Super One Minimax Champion. Roberto Perrone, presenter of the Drive program {16:00-18:00hr.} interviewed Gunn initially mentioning the sad loss of Dan Wheldon, who came from Olney in Bedfordshire. BBC Three Counties covers the Counties of Beds, Herts and Bucks........Bucks being Gunn's home County. We would like to thank BBC Three Counties for the interview and also for allowing us to use the interview recording for others to listen to ................

To hear the interview, click here     

Gunn appears again in the Bucks Free Press and is voted Gold Star.........


Gunn wins the GP plate at the Kartmasters British Kart Grand Prix……..


On August 8th and 9th, Gunn attended, along with 235 other drivers, the prestigious Kartmasters British Kart Grand Prix at the Paul Fletcher International circuit near Grantham, Lincolnshire. Eleven different Formulae covering WTP, Honda Cadet, Comer Cadet, MiniMax, Junior Max etc. were competing for the highly acclaimed GP plate for each of the Formulae. 2011 sees the 16th anniversary of this legendry kart race meeting. Over the event's history, many 'GP' plate winners have been crowned. Names such as Lewis Hamilton, Gary Catt, Jonathan Davies, Ben Hanley, Craig Dolby, Alexander Sims, Oliver Oakes, Euan Hankey, Oliver Rowland, James Gornall, Jack Hawksworth and Alex Albon all appear in the Kartmasters roll of honour! The event, being the arguably the most important event in the karting calendar, was televised for Motors TV.


Over the four days, the format for this very 'busy' meeting was....... testing on Thursday and practice and timed qualifying on Friday, two heats on Saturday and two Finals on Sunday. The result of the Grand Final would decide who 'claimed'' the coveted GP plate. Gunn felt that the testing went well on the circuit which Gunn has always felt isn't 'his best' as far as performance is concerned. In timed qualifying on Friday, Gunn was 5th fastest, not his normal pole position......... the man on pole position was Josh White with a time of 47.58 s. Gunn' s time was 47.80 s. The track was dry for TQ and stayed this way for the whole weekend.

On Saturday, the Heats commenced with Gunn being disqualified in Heat 1 due to an alleged driving incident on the opening lap. The whole incident was regarded by impartial spectators to be 'somewhat debatable', as the incident occurred as a result of Gunn being 'hit from' behind'....... something that was not taken account of by the Officials. The use of onboard cameras at this important meeting, could have helped to resolve the incident! This was not a good start to Gunn's attempt to win the GP plate.......... but not arguing with authority is always the best policy. In Heat two, Gunn finished second behind Jack Mitchell by 0.17 s after the 14 lap race. Gunn had the second fastest time of 47.65 s, only 8/100 s off the fastest lap. Things were beginning to come together, but it would mean that Gunn would start the first Final on Sunday in 16th position!

In Final one, Gunn made excellent positional gains during the opening lap to end up in 12th position at the end of lap 1. By the end of lap 4, Gunn had moved through the field to take 6th place! More positions were gained up to lap 9 when Gunn moved into second place behind Jack Mitchell. In summary, 14 places gained in 9 laps; a fantastic achievement. Gunn stayed behind Mitchell for several laps and took the lead on the final lap, but lost it again by going 'too deep' into one of the final corners. "The only mistake in the race...", Gunn admitted afterwards. Gunn crossed the line 0.36 s behind the winner Mitchell.

In the Grand Final, Gunn started on the outside of the front row, not the best place to start! On the rush to the first corner problems occurred for several drivers with Gunn being run wide onto the grass, only just avoiding being caught up in the catch fencing! This to most would be the end of any chance to win............BUT........ the talent of Gunn showed its true form. Having dropped to 20th position as a result of this incident, Gunn recovered to lie in 8th position by the end of lap 1! By the end of lap 3 Gunn was in fourth place and eventually took the lead by the end of lap 6. This was very impressive............ Gunn started to increase the gap and crossed the line as GP winner, an even more impressive 6 seconds in front of the next driver. The applause and praise that Gunn received after the race was considerable. A well deserved victory after such an 'unfortunate' start to the race!





Gunn won £300 as a cash prize and a £500 voucher from Strawberry Racing........... most importantly, the GP plate for 2011.

Gunn thanked Tooley Motorsport for all of their help over the weekend and to his Website Manager for attending the meeting. Finally Gunn gave his congratulations to his teammate Harry Howes for a great drive in the Honda Cadet Grand Final. After only ten months of racing, to finish 6th at this level of competition is no mean feat!

 Prestwood teenager becomes GP champ               9:52am Wednesday 10th August 2011
                                                                     " By Alan Feldberg "


PRESTWOOD teenager Ross Gunn achieved a life's ambition at the weekend when he ended four gruelling days of practice, qualifying and racing as the British Kart Grand Prix Champion.
He won a dramatic final by six seconds after a collision at the start saw Gunn slide from the front row to 16th.
Gunn said: "The pole man got tagged from the rear, hit the start cone and came across the front of me, so I took to the grass to avoid him."
However, by the end of the first lap Gunn had retaken eight of those places and by the sixth lap was back in front.
With no more scares, the 14-year-old Misbourne pupil kept his cool to take the flag.
He will now compete around the country with GP as his number, just like Formula 1 star Lewis Hamilton did when he won the same title.
Meanwhile, Gunn is also leading the British Super 1 Karting Championship with only two rounds remaining, despite operating on a next-to-nothing budget.

Copied from THIS IS LOCAL LONDON ~ 40 local Newspapers ~ one online voice

Gunn invited to the Big Weekend at Thruxton race circuit………….

The Civil Service Motoring Association {CSMA} held their annual 'Big Weekend' at the Thruxton Motor racing circuit, near Andover, Hampshire on August 13/14th. This 2.356 miles circuit is rated as one of the fastest circuits in the Country and often hosts one of the British Touring Car Championship rounds. Whilst the action was taking place on the circuit… Trucks, Intersteps, Classic Saloons, Mini Se7ens and Mini Miglias etc. the adjacent Kart circuit was providing an excellent introduction to anyone who wanted to try their hand at karting. Ross Gunn was asked to be 'on hand' with his MiniMax kart to give advice on the sport of karting. In the evening, the CSMA held another round of their Championship and Gunn won the first heat from 10th on the grid.

Gunn would like to thank the CSMA for their assistance in giving him coverage in the CSMA karting newsletter and would like to give special thanks to Allan Goddard and Drew Goodspeed of the CSMA karting group.

                                      Gunn's MiniMax on display at Thruxton                     Thruxton Karting Circuit as night approaches

                 Gunn experienced 'night racing' at Thruxton                      Gunn won the first race

Gunn attends the Silverstone Grand Prix as a Bernie Ecclestone award winner……….

                                                                              Gunn meets Sir Jackie Stewart at the Silverstone Grand Prix.

At Autosport International, at the beginning of 2011, Gunn, along with eleven other boys, was awarded the Formula Kart Stars Bernie Ecclestone Driver of the Day award. This was reported on www.rossgunnracing.co.uk under 'VIP Trip to British GP for FKS award winners'. {See under news section}. Gunn not only visited the new Wing pit complex, but had special VIP treatment in the Pit Paddock. The weekend covered the Friday practice, Saturday timed qualifying and of course the Grand Prix on Sunday, along with supporting races.
Tours were arranged to the Hispania Racing Team {HRT} garage and the Red Bull garage. Gunn especially enjoyed the tour of the HRT garage, which was given by the first Indian F1 driver, Narain Karthikeyan. {See image below}

                                                                                          Gunn is given a tour of the HRT Formula 1 garage.

During the weekend Gunn met many F1 drivers {present and past} and also F1 designers and Team managers/principals……………. the list of names is impressive to say the least!

Sir Jackie Stewart {F1 World Champion '69, '71, '73}
Niki Lauda {F1 World Champion '75, '77, '84}
Damon Hill {Current President of the BRDC and F1 World Champion '96}
Sebastian Vettel {F1 World Champion 2010}
Michael Schumacher {F1 World Champion '94, '95, 2000-2004 inc}
Lewis Hamilton {F1 World Champion 2008}
Jenson Button {F1 World Champion 2009)
Felipe Massa, Rubens Barrichello, Nico Rosberg, Adrian Sutil, Timo Glock, Jamie Alguersuari, Bruno Senna, Vitantonio Liuzzi, David Coulthard {Two times winner of the British G.P.}, Eddie Jordan, Norbert Haug {President of Mercedes Motorsport}, Christian Horner {Team Principal of Red Bull F1} and Tony Fernandes {Team Principal of Lotus F1}.

On Sunday, the FKS award winners were taken to the 'Holy of Holies', namely the British Racing Drivers Centre. Gunn met several British Touring car drivers. The F1 race and supporting races {Porsche Carrera Supercup, GP2 and GP3} were watched from the new Grandstand opposite the new Pit complex. Gunn said …………. "It was a weekend to remember. To meet these F1 personalities was a great privilege". He wished to thank Carolynn Hoy, Chief Executive of Formula Kart Stars, for her hospitality and arranging the weekend.
As an aside………….. Gunn had two laps on the F1 simulator in the F1 paddock. This was not for normal public use, but for Racing Drivers and personalities. Gunn obtained the 3rd fastest time with very limited testing, One of the personalities that he beat was the STIG!!!

Unforgettable British GP weekend for FKS prize winners.


Nine lucky Formula Kart Stars drivers spent the British Grand Prix weekend rubbing shoulders with their Formula One heroes at Silverstone as part of their prize for winning the Bernie Ecclestone Driver of the Day award in 2010.
Prize winners Josh Smith, Ross Gunn, Charlie Barlow, Philip Rawson, Lemuel Pay, Bobby Thompson, Adam Glear, Darius Karbaley and Luke Whitworth enjoyed an unforgettable weekend at the 'Home of British Motorsport,' meeting the drivers and teams, touring the garages and then watching the dramatic race unfold from the start/finish line grandstand, courtesy of Formula One Management.
Despite some traditional Silverstone weather, which did its best to soak the winning drivers on Friday, meeting Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button, Mark Webber, Sebastian Vettel, Michael Schumacher and many more in the highly exclusive Formula One paddock area made up for any damp clothes.
The prize winners were also given guided tours around a working Formula One garage courtesy of Mercedes GP, McLaren, Red Bull Racing and Hispania F1 and even caught a glimpse of life inside the incredible Red Bull and Mercedes hospitality units.
Dodging around frenzied mechanics working to prep the cars for practice and qualifying, highlights included getting to hold Michael Schumacher's steering wheel just minutes after the seven times World Champion had got out of the car, playing catch with some slick tyres in the Hispania garage, watching final prep work on Jenson Button's McLaren prior to Saturday practice and standing six feet away from Sebastian Vettel's Red Bull with no ear plugs as the mechanics started the engine.
"It has been an incredible weekend to say the least," commented Championship Director Carolynn Hoy. "Bernie Ecclestone and Formula One Management have given these young drivers an insight into the world of Formula One that nobody else in the world could have organised.
"Our drivers were given the sort of access to the teams' garages that you just cannot buy and they now have a huge appreciation for the kind of work that goes on just to get the cars to drive out of the pits. I owe huge thanks to Bernie Ecclestone, FOM, Mercedes, Red Bull, McLaren and Hispania F1."


Gunn gets 'two titles' in the August edition of Karting……..

Following Gunn's success at Round 3 and Round 4 of the National Super One Minimax series, held at the Cumbria Kart Racing Club at Rowrah and the West of Scotland Kart Club at Larkhall………… Gunn was given prominent coverage in the August edition of KARTING magazine.




Gunn helps to 'Get Karter' for the CSMA at the Goodwood Speed Festival……………..


Gunn has been asked by the Civil Service Motoring Association {CSMA ~ see links page} to attend various events in 2011. This is to assist the CSMA in encouraging young karters to join the karting group. {See link to leaflet as distributed at Goodwood and other events}.                             

The first event was at the prestigious Goodwood Speed Festival, a 'mecca' for total petrol heads and celebrities alike. Gunn helped on the CSMA stand by answering any questions relating to karting, especially for those who were considering starting the sport. Gunn's TonyKart MiniMax was present, along with some of his trophies.
During periods of 'relaxation', Gunn watched the activities on the track, meeting Adrian Newey {Red Bull F1 Chief Designer}, Rob Collard {BTCC driver}, Sam Bird {GP2 driver} and also participating on the two Formula 1 simulators that were at the show. Gunn obtained the fastest time on both simulators over the four days, winning BTCC jackets, hold-all bag and two tickets to a BTTC round. {Gunn was quickest on the Toyo Tyres simulator by 0.1s and 1 second quicker on the other simulator}.
Gunn would like to thank the CSMA for inviting him onto the stand and looks forward to the next event at Thruxton Circuit, near Andover on 13/14th August.

Not bad after a seven week layoff and no testing! ……. Rowrah O plate report.


Gunn took part at the Association of British Kart Clubs {ABkC} O plate extravaganza meeting at the Cumbria Kart Racing Club, Rowrah on 28/29/30th May 2011. The event is for various formulae and is primarily to decide who will carry the O plate on their kart for the rest of the season. A prestigious award, which every driver would love to win………..

Gunn was well aware that he had not participated in any competition for seven weeks; in fact, the last time he was in the seat was at the last Super One Round at Shenington on April 9/10th! On top of this, Gunn had not participated in any testing at Rowrah before he arrived at the circuit on Friday evening………… a challenge was in store. Yet again, limited budgets were the reason for this lack of driving…………

On Saturday, testing went very well, with wet and dry sessions. In the first session which was wet, Gunn was clearly the fastest and in the 2nd and 3rd session, with a drying track, Gunn was 2nd/ 3rd fastest. In the final sessions, which again reverted to wet conditions, Gunn was quickest for the rest of the day!

On Sunday, a five minute practice was followed by timed qualifying at 10.30 hr……. Gunn finished the session in 2nd place, with a time of 56.53s, only 0.01s behind Josh White. Gunn actually obtained the fastest theoretical lap {when the best three sector times are summed together} of 56.38s. An impressive result, bearing in mind the lack of 'seat time'. Gunn started the first heat in 2nd place and finished in this position, 1.37s behind White after 13 laps. The weather at this stage was still overcast. In the second heat, Gunn maintained 2nd place up to lap 9 when the 'working together', Rawson and Mitchell, took Gunn. Gunn finished 4th, 1.27s behind the winner.
As a result of Gunn's heat results, he started in second place for the first final……….. he took the lead on the opening lap and held the lead to the finish line in atrocious conditions {see image in gallery}. This was Gunn's first National win at this level; a brilliant achievement after only such a short time in this new formula. The time to the second place man, Oram-Jones, was a 'healthy' 4.69 s!

Gunn started the main Final, to decide the O plate Champion, in pole position……… 'not bad' for no intense practicing during the week prior to the O plate and a lack of driving for 7 weeks! Gunn held the lead up to lap 6 and was taken by a hard pressing White. Gunn held 2nd place up to lap eleven and was taken by Campey. During lap 17, both Campey and Gunn took White to finish the hard 19 lap race in this order. The time difference across the line was 0.23s!!!! Although Gunn was disappointed, he felt that he had performed very well at this high level. Gunn received a trophy and a set of tyres!!


The CSMA asks Gunn to encourage young drivers into karting……….

Gunn has been asked by the Civil Service Motoring Association {CSMA} to encourage young people into the world of karting. Motorsport is an important part of the CSMA's many activities and the Karting group is hoping to encourage a younger element into karting. It was thought that if a young driver of Gunn's ability is seen to be leading the way, then young people would be more interested in joining and listening to his advice on driving techniques, race preparation, kart maintenance………..
The CSMA, having started in 1923, is the largest private home, motoring and leisure organisation in the UK. The Membership stands at 300,000. The association is eligible to those who work or have worked for the Civil Service or organisations with its roots in the Civil Service. Families and relations of these eligible groups can also join. For more information, see the links page.
On Monday May 23rd, Gunn was invited by Drew Goodspeed of the CSMA Karting Group to the Daytona Motorsport outdoor karting centre at Milton Keynes. {see links page} to be interviewed for the CSMA magazine and to have a photo shoot.
This will not only bring young people into the CSMA karting group, but it is hoped that this will also give Gunn more publicity for the future.

Gunn mentioned in local newspaper; is sponsorship around the corner?


Excellent showing at Shenington and lessons learnt……..


Gunn attended the 3rd Winter Round at Shenington Kart Club on March 20th as a trial prior to Round 2 of the Super One series on April 9th/10th. All of the Super One competitors were there, with the exception of Ben Hingleley who won the Grand Final at Whilton Mill. The weather was fine and sunny for the whole day and Gunn was drawn 7th for his first heat. Gunn made an excellent start to take the lead by lap 3 and maintained this position to the chequered flag. His Tooley teammate, Leon Hilleard, crossed the line in 2nd place. In Gunn's 2nd heat, he started in 18th position. By the end of lap 1, Gunn had amazingly climbed through the field to take 6th position ~ 12 places gained in one lap! By the end of lap 5, Gunn had got to 3rd and eventually crossed the line as the winner, 0.11 s ahead of Harry Webb, who was runner up to the Mini Max Champion in 2010. A gain of 17 places in a 9 lap race, can only be described as 'brilliant'. Just to put the 'icing on the cake', Gunn obtained the fastest lap of 43.92s, which was 0.08 s faster than the lap record! With two wins from two heats, Gunn lined up in pole position for the final ~ see image. Gunn maintained the lead for 8 of the 12 laps, but was taken by Piers Hickin. In an attempt to regain the lead, by carrying out a 'double-bluff manoeuvre', Gunn went too wide to allow Harry Webb to take second position. Gunn finished 3rd , 0.27s behind the winner! A lesson had been learnt and this will be remembered when the Super One series meets at Shenington in 3 weeks time.

                                                                                               Gunn lying second in the Grand Final

VIP Trip to British GP for FKS award winners


Twelve lucky Formula Kart Stars drivers will be special guests at the 'Home of British Motorsport' in July as Bernie Ecclestone invites the 2010 'Driver of the Day' winners to take front row seats for the British Grand Prix at Silverstone on July 9th-10th.

The prize not only includes grandstand tickets for the weekend but also includes VIP Paddock passes that allow the young drivers a rare chance to get up close and personal with the Formula 1 teams and drivers during the biggest event in the British Motorsport calendar.

Not only will the drivers be able to watch the all the on-track action they will be able to explore first hand Silverstone's brand new pit and paddock complex, known as 'The Wing,' which is to be used by the Formula 1 teams for the first time in 2011.

This is the second year the Formula One Management backed series has offered the 'Drivers of the Day' a once in a lifetime experience thanks to prize sponsor Bernie Ecclestone and the lucky few who experienced the prize in 2010 all agreed that the chance to watch and speak to the Formula 1 teams and those in the support races during a Formula 1 weekend was one they will never forget.
"Silverstone is where it all began with the very first Formula One World Championship Grand Prix in 1950," says Formula Kart Stars series director Carolynn Hoy. "It always carries a special buzz about it and our drivers will get a real taste of that. As the drivers who went to Monza with us last year will tell you, this won't be any normal weekend at the races.
"I have to thank Bernie Ecclestone and Formula One Management for their continued support of our series and the Driver of the Day prize," continued Hoy. "I know that he has had to work very hard to find a suitable date that will allow all our drivers to attend without causing disruption to their racing and school schedules and I know that he will give our drivers a really special weekend.

The 2010 Bernie Ecclestone Driver of the Day winners were:

Callum Pointon, Philip Rawson, Darius Karbaley, Matthew Graham, Josh Smith, Adam Glear, Charlie Barlow
Bobby Thompson, Chad Ryan, Lemuel Pay, Luke Whitworth, Ross Gunn

Acknowledgement - Source article published Thursday, 03 March 2011 18:33 on www.formulakartstars.com

Great results at Whilton Mill.

Ross Gunn competed at Whilton Mill Kart Club, on Sunday 27th February 2011. This was Gunn's first race against drivers that would be in the forthcoming Super One Series. This gave any excellent insight into the level of competition that Gunn would meet at the first Round of Super One on March 12/13th. As Heat 1 approached, the heavens opened, requiring a quick tyre change seconds before the race by the team and mechanics. Despite complaining of poor grip levels, Gunn managed to finish 2nd from 4th on the grid and obtain the fastest lap over number 2 seed Harry Webb by 0.07s. In Heat 2, a great drive by Gunn saw him finish 7th from 26th on the grid, making up many places on the first lap. In his final heat, he finished 4th from 20th on the grid, climbing through the pack and again showing great speed. In the Final, Gunn started in 2nd position and kept experienced Jack Mitchell very close for the whole race. In the end, Gunn to play second fiddle, with another fastest lap of 59.79s, this being 0.12 s faster than Mitchell.
"I made far too many mistakes at the start, that allowed him to have a gap. I managed to reel him in, but ran out of laps. This weekend, I think I have shown everyone what I am capable of speed and race craft and should be a real thorn in the backside for all the big drivers and teams. Bring on Super 1!"

                                                                                               Whilton Mill Final

To see part of the final race go to

A driving experience at iZONE

A great experience was obtained when Ross Gunn was recently invited to attend the Izone Driving Performance simulator {see links page for more information} at Silverstone on 25th February 2011. This simulator is aimed at improving driving skills and is often used by Formula 1 drivers. Along with state of the art facilities, the simulator uses eye trackers, heart rate monitors along with other Bio feedback. The five axis simulator replicates handling, balance and ride. Other features are fly by wire throttle, sequential gear lever and paddle-shift, along with the wrap around screen using HD projectors. Within 25 laps, Gunn achieved a lap time only 0.7s off the FBMW lap record for the Silverstone Nation circuit. Neil Riddiford, of the Izone coaching team, said that this was an excellent result after so few laps.


                                                 To see two laps of Ross Gunn driving the Silverstone National go to

Encouraging start to a year in Mini Max

Ross Gunn started his racing career in Rotax Mini Max when he tested his new Tony Kart Mini Max for the first time at the Hunts Kart Racing Club {see links page for more information} on January 8th 2011. Even in the damp conditions Gunn was only 1/10s off the lap record. Much is to be learned such a gearing, suspension set-up, carburation etc. but this was an excellent start for his first time in the kart. Power of these Mini Max karts is nearly a factor of three times that of a Comer Cadet, so the performance alone is a mark difference. Gunn said that he was pleased with the testing session and was looking forward to racing with Tooley Motorsport in the Super One series.